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Residential window cleaning 

Home Sweet Home

Home - "An enjoyable, happy place where you can live, laugh, and learn." No doubt keeping your home nice and tidy to essential to you. Now adding the finishing touches to having your windows cleaned not only is great for appearance but can also bring in more natural light. 

Most times, if not all the time. Cleaning them yourself could leave you defeated and frustrated, especially the challenge of reaching two-story windows is extremely hard. At Davis Glass Cleaning Company, we make these jobs a breeze and worry-free. 

Our up to date equipment and tools can ensure your windows will be thoroughly cleaned and presentable. 

Why Us?


We use the latest and greatest technology when it comes to cleaning windows. While traditional mop and squeegee techniques are effective, pure water cleaning is more effective and efficient. It pulls off the grime and dirt away from your windows. Put simply, your windows will look immaculate. 


In today's world, it's hard to come by honest, down to earth people who aren't trustworthy and reliable. We at Davis Glass Cleaning Company, understand that we all have a full plate so when we come to your home we give the utmost respect to you. From giving you a smile to taking off our shoes we respect your home.

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