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People usually say work is home away from home. Nowadays companies have made the workplace a bit more relaxed in atmosphere. Some offer comfortable lounging or even a coffee brew area where you can sit and enjoy other's company. 

With these updated looks comes glass displays where people can get a full display of the areas. Of course with beautiful displays come dirty displays as well. Finger prints, dust, or spilled drinks can make the glass look dirty quick. 

Why Us?


We use the latest and greatest technology when it comes to cleaning windows. Other cleaners usually use dish soap or other cheap cleaners. We use a quality grade soap that shows a difference in appearance. Put simply, your windows will look immaculate. 

Another Day In Paradise  


In today's world, it's hard to come by honest, down to earth people who aren't trustworthy and reliable. We at Davis Glass Cleaning Company, understand that we all have a full plate so when we come to your home we give the utmost respect to you. From giving you a smile to taking off our shoes we respect your home.

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